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LCWP is delighted to announce that our author interviews and readings are being made available online by the UCONN Library. Additional events will be made available as they take place.

Amy Costello: The Quick and the Terrible. February 21, 2007.
Ann Leary, Marie Bostwick, Lauren Lipton: Creative Conversations. May 1, 2009.
Anne Chamberlain, Peter Zay: Perform Sonatas by Brahms, Schubert and Prokofiev. June 8, 2007.
Ann Charters: Women and the Beat Generation. April 13, 2006.
Anne Makepeace Rain in a Dry Land. January 31, 2007.
Anne Waldman: Buddhism and the Beat Generation. March 16, 2006.
Antoinette Bosco: Choosing Mercy, A Mother of Murder Victims Pleads to End the Death Penalty. October 18, 2006.
Antoinette Bosco: Discussion - Abolishing the Death Penalty. October 15, 2009.
Barbara Parsons: Reawakening Through Nature: A Prison Reflection and Puzzle Pieces. October 25, 2007.
Bill C. Davis: Discussion of Avow. September 24, 2008.
Brenda Murphy: Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. March 25, 2009.
Burton Bernstein: Family Matters, September 20, 2006.
Cady McClain: In Celebration of Poetry Month. April 3, 2009.
Candace Bushnell: Trading Up / Lipstick Jungle. October 24, 2007.
Charles Van Doren: Discussing Mark & Carl Van Doren. April 29, 2009.
Charles Van Doren: Lincoln: The Man and the Myth. July 10, 2009.
Charles Van Doren: Reading Robert Frost. July 18, 2007.
Charles & Sally Van Doren: Emily Dickinson: Poems of Love, Poems of Loss. July 18, 2008.
Costello, Krimsky, Maren. 2009.
Dani Shapiro: Black and White. October 10, 2007.
Dani Shapiro: September 2, 2009.
David Rabe: Sticks and Bones, Dinosaurs on the Roof. October 29, 2008.
Davyne Verstandig, Robert Crooke, Robley Whitson: Creative Sustenance: Turning the Tables. April 8, 2009.
Elizabeth Thomas & Carol Potter: Reading Selections of Their Work. April 9, 2008.
Frank Delaney: James Joyce: A Man of Small Virtue. October, 23 2009.
Frank Delaney: Samuel Beckett: Fail Better. November 6, 2009.
Frank Delaney: Tipperary. February 27, 2008.
Frank Delaney: William Butler Yeats: Love Comes in at the Ear. October 30, 2009.
Frank McCourt: An Evening with Frank McCourt. September 28, 2005.
Frank McCourt: Angela and the Baby Jesus. April 30, 2008.
Frank McCourt: Teacher Man. December 6, 2006.
George Feifer: Breaking Open Japan. February 5, 2007.
Helen Houghton, Susan Kinsolving, Jack Gilpin: The Music Lover's Poetry Anthology. April 2, 2008.
Honor Moore: Discussion of Mourning Pictures. December 3, 2008.
Honor Moore: Reading Selections of her Work. April 24, 2008.
John Jacob: Inge Morath's book, The Road to Reno. November 26, 2007.
Joy Gould Boyum: Beat Films and Beat Aesthetic. March 30, 2006.
Kristen Skedgell: Losing the Way. November 13, 2008.
Lauren Lipton: It's About Your Husband. September 26, 2007.
Lisa Starr, Robin Magowan, Juliet Mattila, Bhuchung Sonam: Reading and Discussing their Work. April 23, 2008.
Marie Bostwick: Fields of Gold, River's Edge, On Wings of the Morning. March 19, 2008.
Paul and Linda Fusco: ALF. April 4, 2007.
Peter Reilly, Donald Connery, Andrew Schneider: Conviction and Innocence. October 14, 2009.
Roxana Robinson: Cost. October 3, 2008.
Roxana Robinson: A Perfect Stranger. November 7, 2007.
Sheila Nevins, John Huffman, Paula Heredia: In Memoriam, New York City 9/11/01. September 10, 2007.
Susan Kinsolving & Elizabeth MacDonald: Sharing their Work. April 16, 2008.
Susan Kinsolving and Matthew Cowles: Poems of Tennessee Williams. April 17, 2009.
Tom Cole, Joyce Chopra: Smooth Talk. March 21, 2007.
Tom Hunt: Cliffs of Despair, Journey to the Edge. November 1, 2006.
Tom Schachtman: Celebrating the Year of Science. February 20, 2009.
Tom Schiller, Barbara Gold: Saturday Night Live; TV Commercials and Films. February 28, 2007.
Tommy Simpson & Karen LaFleur: Furniture Maker & Digital Narrative Artist. March 26, 2008.
Woody Hochswender: The Buddha in Your Rearview Mirror: A Guide to Practicing Buddhism in Modern Life. September 16, 2008.
Lisa Starr: Creative Sustenance: Poetry Readings. April 7, 2010.
Dani Shapiro: Devotion: Spiritual Questions of Life, Death and Love. April 28, 2010.
Frank McCourt: An Evening Celebrating the Spirit of Frank McCourt. April 14, 2010.
Randall Balmer: God in the White House: The Effect of Faith on American Politics. March 17, 2010.
Robley Whitson: The Shakers: Spiritual Community in Today's America. March 24, 2010.
Diane Meier: Creative Conversations: The Season of Second Chances. May 5, 2010.
Dani Shapiro: Slow Motion: A True Story (1998). September 27, 2006.
Charles Van Doren: Fanny's Girl. July 16, 2010.
Frank Delaney: Bram Stoker and the Birth of Dracula. October 28, 2011.
Amy Costello, George Krimsky, Michael Maren: Journalism and Human Rights. September 23, 2009.
Barry Blitt, Marc Simont: Points of View: The Power of Political Cartooning. April 4, 2011.
Creative Sustenance - Jennifer Almquist: Litchfield County: Images of Hunger
Candance Bushnell, Honor Moore, David Rabe, Roxana Robinson, Rose Styron: Freedom to Write. March 28, 2011.
Wendell Minor: Creative Conversations. April 27, 2011.
Roxana Robinson: The Long View. December 6, 2010.
Roxana Robinson: Short Fiction and Non-Fiction. October 4, 2010.
Roxana Robinson: Sweetwater; This is My Daughter; Cost. November 15, 2010.